Data Storage

Data Storage

Backup and Archive

.Simplify your backup and archive infrastruckture
.Relible and highly automated backup to tape
.combination and partner products to provide best class experience
.use cases for specific storage challenges

.Simplify your backup and archive infrastruckture
.Relible and highly automated backup to tape
.combination and partner products to provide best class experience
.use cases for specific storage challenges

Backup-to-Disk appliance with integrated deduplication

Segment Midsize
8 -24 TB and 16 – 640 TB
Supports all leading backup software suites

Storage is a turnkey, easy to operate backup-to-disk appliance which provides leading data deduplication technology and supports all market-relevant backup suites
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Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
High capacity and performance while reducing costs

Maximum disk performance for better data protection
Highest scalability from 8 up to 640 TB
Data deduplication technology reduces disk requirements
Pay-as-you-grow with easy scalability
Improved and automated disaster recovery

Remote replication with reduced network bandwidth
1:2 replication and cloud hosted disaster recovery
Reduced media handling and easy administration
Integrated Path to Tape Option
Optimized integration with Veeam and Veritas OST
Integration into Business-centric Data-centers

Turnkey solution for easy and economical deployment
Standard NAS or VTL interface for easy implementation
Ready to realize cloud concepts for backup services

Reliable, cost-efficient storage appliance for archiving and second-tier file storage

Segment Midsize
Usable capacity: 28 TB, 42 TB, 56 TB, 70 TB
Supports all leading archive software suites

Based on the long-established datacenter solution,
the entry-level provides comprehensive storage functionality at a very affordable price.
Disaster recovery capabilities ensure business continuity.

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Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
SoftWORM functionality on high-performance disk layer

Meets compliance regulations

Replication of files
Storage based replication to a remote
Storage based replication to a central
Long distance replication among multiple sites

Disaster resiliency for data
Data consolidation on a central
Tape integration with a central

Snapshot-based backup
Integrated backup functionality for archive and file data

Ensures data availablity


Data center storage solution for backup and archive automation (Mainframe and Open systems)

Segment Data center:
19 TB – 93 Petabyte

Supports all leading backup and archive software suites
reduces the TCO for complex datacenter backup environments
by 40% as a result of intelligent process automation and pooling of storage capacities

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Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
Pooling of resources
Infrastructure virtualization for the whole backup and archive storage environment
Consolidation of mainframe and open system infrastructures

TCO reductions in complex data protection environments by 40%
Flexibility to allocate resources as required

Intelligent automation
ILM on SSD, disk, deduplication and tape technology
Managing multiple local and remote copies
19 years of user driven development for optimizing automated processes

Flexibility in regards to capacity, performance and costs
Ensures highest and most reliable service levels
Reduces administrator workload and ensures processes

Unique scalability
Storage capacity from 19 TB up to 96 PB (net usable) on disk
Manage exabytes on tape
Backup and recovery performance from 8 TB/h up to 150 TB/h
Decoupled technology lifecycles and automated data migration

Long-term investment protection
On-demand scalability to adapt to unpredictable requirements on capacity and performance
Faster innovations to leverage latest technology

Split-site solution with cache-mirror
Physical separation (up to 100 km) of one logical system
Automated continuation even in case of complete site failure

Maximum protection for mission critical data
Zero downtime, zero data loss


Integrated Appliance
Veritas NetBackup Appliances
Backup-to-Disk appliance integrated with NetBackup Software

Segment Entry to Midsize
Usable capacity : 4 – 27TB and 240-1920 TB

Software Veritas Netbackup:

NetBackup appliances are fully integrated solutions, taking less than 30 minutes to set up.
Embedded cyber security protects the systems against digital intruders.
Application awareness reduces load on IT systems and enables co-management between backup owners and application owners.
The appliance is completely integrated and from one mold for easy, end-to-end consistent system maintenance reducing operational costs.

A versatile integrated backup appliance that can be deployed as a master server, or media server, or both, for a NetBackup domain. As an appliance it simplifies and offers OpEx savings over traditional build-your-own media servers.
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Suitable for any environment—Starting at 4 TB and expandable up to 294 TB usable capacity, NetBackup 5240 is ideal for both remote offices and enterprise data centers.

Multiple functional roles—Deploy as master server, media server, or both for a NetBackup domain.
Fits into existing NetBackup environments—Easily expand or refresh existing NetBackup environments without disrupting operations
Optimum virtual machine protection—Built-in support for VMware vSphere™ and Microsoft Hyper-V®, no proxy servers required
Flexible deduplication options—Deduplication at source or target; inline or post-process
Veritas NetBackupTM Copilot for Oracle®— A revolutionary new way to enable collaborative database backup and recovery