The best connector solution for the task at hand

The best connector solution for the task at hand
September 14, 2019 No Comments CATEGORY,DINAMIKA NEWS dinamika

Selecting the optimum connector for the chosen network is a task fraught with challenges. The considerations start with the number of connections required and the voltages and currents that will need to flow across the connector. Additionally, it is necessary to consider how often the connector will have to be inserted and removed, and whether this process may need to be done blind. Environmental conditions will also influence the decision, requiring the industrial engineer to review the temperature of the operating environment along with the potential impact of liquids, as well as electromagnetic compatibility challenges.

Even when all of these considerations have been made, there is also the issue of handling during installation or cable manufacture. Connectors offer a range of construction options, from crimped and screwed pins to piercing and solder, to name but a few. If connectors will need to be installed on-site at your client’s facility, especially if the location is challenging, such as up a ladder at ceiling level or hidden in a cabinet, the choices made here could have a significant impact on installation time and reliability of the final installed result.

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